Birth: Winter’s Calling

Here in our region of Georgia we’ve had our first (and perhaps only) snowfall of the season.  It’s only an inch or two – a light dusting, in comparison with what states to the north of us routinely experience – but it is nonetheless causing delight to shine in the eyes of children all around the area.  From timid toddlers to normally-reserved teens, kids are heading outside with their joyful hearts on display.  Even those whose parents ordinarily have to plead with them to go outside and play require no prodding when faced with newly fallen snow.  Kids who may know each other only in passing come together is the outdoor spaces of parks and neighborhoods to collaborate on battle strategy or snowman construction.  Indeed, it seems to inspire this elation in anyone who doesn’t have to drive in it (and even a few of us who do).  What is it about snow that draws children of all ages out of doors with smiles on their faces?   From snow balls to snow angels to snow forts, it awakens our creativity and motivates us to drop everything and play.

Perhaps it is our universal longing for a connection to the natural world.  Playing in the snow provides that, even during a season when our usual practice is to shut our doors and windows tight against the elements.  Even when the Earth seems dormant, snow reminds us that nature is always alive and working her magic.   The natural phenomenon that we call snow reunites us with nature and with each other in a way that little else seems to at this time of year, while at the same time keeping us in touch with the joyful child within.

Does freshly fallen snow do this for you?  Is there anything beyond your control that serves to awaken your own inner child?  That inspires you to drop everything and play?

~ Christiana 


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2 Responses to Birth: Winter’s Calling

  1. Jan Taddeo says:

    Snow completely awakes my inner child and my outer child! After being stuck on the road for 17 hours someone asked, “Do you still love snow?” I answered with a resounding, “YES!” Watching all the children in my neighborhood come out has been a huge delight!

    Yesterday my corgi (Bonnie) and I had a blast romping through the snow, chasing each other and snow balls and generally being crazy. I do love the snow … but I still hate the cold!

  2. My Love of snow is multi-dimensional.
    Having grown up in the north, snow represents winter to me, and its presence brings back so many good memories. Southern children – including my own – have a different perspective on it. Because of its rarity here, they anticipate it eagerly all season long, and even when the accumulation is minimal, they find a way to creatively make the reality live up to their expectations.

    I tend not to be (as I’m sure you know) an outdoorsy kind of girl, and, like you, I’m not fond of the cold. But I make an exception when there’s powder on the ground, calling out to be played in.

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