Birth: Your Voice

From the day you were born, other people told you what you are.    You’re cute, you’re loud, you’re silly.  You’re the smart one, the skinny one, the slow one.  You are stupid, you’re funny, you’re lazy, you’re handsome, you’re so annoying…  Your parents, your teachers, your siblings, your peers…  With these words they defined you.  And you grew up hearing their words and either by living into them or running away from them, you allowed them to define you.  Until you didn’t even realize that you were living by someone else’s definitions, being someone else’s idea of You.

Sometimes, even now, you can still hear their voices in your head.   Whether they are speaking words that put you down or words that build you up; whether they are screaming or whispering, the words are still about their observations, their expectations.

How long has it been since you heard your own voice?

You are reading this now because it’s about time.  It’s time to push through their truth and embrace your own.  It is time to be born anew as the You that you define yourself to be.  Can you allow your Self to be born, according to your own definition?  Will you allow your Self to be born?

When will you allow your Self to be born?

~ Christiana  


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