Departures: Waking Up

Every morning my alarm goes off at 4:30.  Well, it’s not really my alarm, it’s my husband’s. But it’s on my side of the bed.  And it doesn’t wake him up, it wakes me.  And then I wake him.  Repeatedly.  Because I am not employed, this is my “job”.  It is my contribution to the financial support of our household – making sure that he is not fired for being late for work by being a human alarm clock.  Even at the price of my own loss of sleep.  What is important is what I do with this “extra” time afforded me by the requirement that I get up earlier than anyone should ever have to.  I have come to think of it as a gift.

“What looks like a loss may be the very event which is subsequently responsible for helping to produce the major achievement of your life” ~ Srully Blotnick

I have the snooze feature set for nine minutes.  Why nine?  I was thinking about this this morning (at 4:39).  I think because I felt that anything less than ten minutes is something you can recover from.  Once you pass ten minutes of delay, though?  There is no denying it – you’re just plain late.

But he never gets up at 4:30.  Or 4:39.  Or even 4:48. And by the time he does get up I am always concerned that he will be late.  Yet invariably, he’s out the door on time.  How is that possible?

Life is like this.  We can go through our days asleep for years, until something calls our attention to Truth (or calls us to the quest for it), and suddenly we are awakened.

I have come to understand that what is important is not the awakening, but the departure. Even when your awakening may seem delayed, as long as you get moving toward your destination, you’re doing alright. Once your eyes are open, it is the action you take which determines how much you will achieve, and where you will go.

Are you awake?  Where are you going?

~ Christiana

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