Awe and Wonder: All Around

All I need to do is open my eyes and see my cat snuggled against my body in the morning. How did he survive his first six months in the wild during a New York winter?  Awe and wonder!

How did my pet turkeys ever walk on those skinny legs for so long before succumbing to the weight of their genetically altered huge breasts?  Awe and wonder!

Sharing water space with beluga wales.  Touching their beloved skin and looking into their eyes?  Awe and wonder!

I once saw a golden mountain in the distance during my time alone while on a vision quest.  I “may” have been seeing things but it was real to me.  Awe and wonder!

Costa Rica.  A raft.  A river.  Rapids.  Exhilaration like never before.  Awe and wonder!

Upon leaving a small gathering which included the Dalai Lama,  became aware of my elevated sense of being.  Awe and wonder!

What happens inside when someone knows they are at home?  I was looking for a new home. My spirit sense of adventure and exploring had expanded so I wanted/needed to live on a spot that reflected my new sense of being.  My visioning was of acreage, a pond and woods.  When I walked onto the property, I sensed I was home.  There were woods on three sides, a stream (a runoff but still a stream) and a pond (a man made 6 x 7′ but still a pond).  Awe and wonder!

For years I listened to a co-worker talk about a community to which she belonged, about the activities she enjoyed and about the people with whom she was involved. I had never heard of this community: Unitarian Universalist.  I remembered the emotions she expressed.  It was enough to draw me to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Gwinnett. I have not been disappointed.  Awe and wonder!

Awe and wonder are all around.  Sometimes I’m not able to see/sense/feel that.  I love the possibility of when I next will be immersed in awe and wonder.

Carol Richardson

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