Flight: The Gift of Wings

In celebration of motherhood…

Motherhood begins with giving one’s children wings.  As a mother, it is my responsibility to teach my children what those wings are for, provide them with comfort and support as they stretch their wings and learn their own potential, and challenge them to fly.  I hope that in my daily living I inspire them to embrace the spirit of curiosity and creativity that makes the world a wondrous place.  My role as a mother is to show them what Love is, and guide them to the realization that it is the force of Love that will carry them aloft throughout their lives; that being true to their own hearts will enable them to soar.

My children have given me wings, too, in the form of a radically altered perspective on life and the world.  It took the dawn of motherhood for me to realize the essence of the inter-connectedness of everything, and the depth of our inter-dependence.  It took my children to reveal to me the immensity of my own potential, and every day I am inspired by them to be an ever better version of myself.  They remind me that the child-like spark of wonder is always within me, no matter my age.  My children have shown me what Love is.  By being true to their own hearts, my children enable me to soar.

Northern Mockingbird

image © Manjith Kainickara

Over the years I have come to understand this truth: I have given my children wings, but they grow them on their own.  I have inspired them to soar, but they take flight on their own.  I have taught them to Love, but they discover where their heart is on their own.

And I am privileged to stand beside them (and later, behind them) as they stretch their wings and take to the sky.

This is what I celebrate today.

~ Christiana

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3 Responses to Flight: The Gift of Wings

  1. Lydia says:

    I really like that.. We give them wings but they grow them on their own

  2. Thank you, Lydia. That’s actually the first sentence I wrote, and the rest of the reflection grew out of it.
    ~ C.

  3. Peggy Averyt says:

    Beautiful words on motherhood!

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