May 13–Belonging: Going to Hell?

It’s not unusual for those of us in progressive religious faiths to be told, even if from time to time, that we are going to hell for our beliefs or our lack of the right beliefs.  If “hell” is anything else, it is the ultimate doctrine of fracture, of division, of rejection, and condemnation.  I’m not talking about what people deserve. I’m talking about how religious people use this notion of “hell” to do these things to other human beings:  to break them, to divide against them, to reject them and to condemn them.

I’ve never done this before, but to carry on this reflection, please take time to read this blog on what one man thinks he will do before he goes to the hell that others tell him he is going to.  These are words of wisdom, in my opinion.  They reset my sense of belonging.

Bob Patrick

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