My Son

I have had so many changes in my life, some I welcomed and some I did not. I have to say that change is not an easy topic for me. One of the changes that was difficult for me is when my son left for college. Amancio went to start his adult life. 

Being a single mother, I was very dependent on him. He helped me in every way. He was the man of the house. He is my son and my soulmate (mother and son way).

What was the most difficult for me is that he is not here . I could talk to him about anything. He would go to the movies with me when no one wanted to. He opened my mind to things that I never thought of and he still is doing that. He is honest with me and sometimes his honesty hurts. 

The day that I found out that I needed chemo I called him and cried “ Amancio, Amancio I’m going to need chemo. I’m HER2 positive Amancio.” He managed to calm me down. I can’t tell you how many times I called him crying while I was going through chemo. He would calm me down and make me laugh.

Amancio has done so much in his life. He is 26 and he is a doctor. Dr. Amancio Romero, that sounds good. He is engaged to a beautiful, kind and future doctor Adriana. Change had to happen for him to be living his wonderful life. 

Yes, change is difficult. Most of the time it’s necessary for me to grow. I miss Amancio and I always will. I have learned to live my daily life without him. He is living his life and I’m living my life. That’s a good thing!

~ Rita Romero

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4 Responses to My Son

  1. katrina yurko says:

    You have nurtured and helped develop Amancio”s skills and confidence to enter a bright future. You must be very proud of him! Maybe there will be grandchildren in your future! It’s a beautiful thing to have done in your life,,,that old saying ,,,”what comes around goes around” and it comes back to you! Rita, You have done a very good job of adding a kind and trained professional to our world!!! Thank You !

    • Rita Romero says:

      Thank you! I can’t wait to see him in December. I told him that I’m going to be poor when I come. He told me “mom don’t worry there’s plenty of money here.” That made me cry. I believe the biggest fear that I have is that Amancio will forget about me. It’s a stupid fear. I know he won’t forget about me. But, anxiety is anxiety. I love my children so much

  2. Peggy A says:

    You have so much to be proud of about your son. You gave him the roots and confidence to go out and face the world with courage and determination. Now look at all he has accomplished! Job well done, Rita. Enjoy your time creating a new life path for yourself.

    • Rita Romero says:

      Thank you so much. It was rough but I did my best bringing up my babies. I’m very proud of them. I’m definitely a proud mama

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