The more we allow ourselves to accept 
what is happening all around us,
The more we can experience the ecstatic state of bliss
That comes from feeling it all,

being one with it all, 
no judgement, 

no thought,
just pure presence with it all

Allowing gratitude to be the only response which makes sense
Gratitude for the good, the bad, the ugly, 
all that is, that was, and all that ever will be

Because there is no other place we can exist

And when we allow ourselves to be here now, 
We experience a deep knowing
that this is the only home for us
And this is exactly where we are meant to be

And in this place of deep awe, stillness, and gratitude,
one has access to the matrix,
when our mind is still it can notice 
The codes that surround us
which are unexpressed
Until we choose our own adventures

Put your foot on the clutch

Take time today to pause, reflect, sit and observe,
listen to the calling of your highest self

Align your gears, 
rev up that engine,
and GO!

Which storyline will you choose today?

Will you be the hero of your story?

~Sharon Yun

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2 Responses to Presence

  1. katrina yurko says:

    Very fluid thoughts written with a direction and a purpose. Sharon, you are a poet !
    Foot on the clutch, gears in line, gassed up, in the driver’s seat ,time to choose your adventure! Sounds like a poem of promise for 2023!

    • Sharon Yun says:

      thanks. The future is promising when we are mindful of our thoughts and use our brain and bodies to serve the collective highest good.

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