Harvesting for the Future

What does the future look like?

I’m not asking whether you think it will be like the Jetsons, or Star Trek, or whether you foresee some Orwellian dystopia.

What I mean is: what do you want the future to be?

Before we plant seeds for future harvesting, we must have in mind what crop we expect to result.  If we want to grow berries, we won’t get them by planting apple seeds.  If we want to grow corn, we must plan for adequate space and sufficient amounts of water.  Similarly, when we are considering what lies ahead, we must first envision the future that we would like to create. And when determining the future we desire, our actions and energy must be in accordance with our vision.  In both cases, there is effort involved in cultivating a bountiful harvest.

When considering what the future should look like, it is essential that we take into account our present circumstances, our dreams, and – perhaps most importantly – our values.  You can envision a future for your family, your career, your community…  every aspect of your life that has meaning to you is awaiting your attentive consideration.

When we take the time to carefully consider and hold in our minds a vision of what we would like the future to be, we greatly increase the likelihood of realizing it.  If we then take action in the direction of that which we wish to bring to fruition, the probability that we will achieve what we intend increases exponentially.

What is your vision for the future?  What can you do today to take a step in the direction of creating it?

~ Christiana  


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