Harvest: Earth Meditation

Our weather in metro Atlanta is really delightful these days, but we all know that could change soon and will change before long.  It may be that you are reading this in a part of the world where the weather is not so delightful!

Wherever you are, take a moment to go to the window and look out, or, if your weather allows, walk outside.  Look around.  What colors greet you?  Take them in, whatever they are as signs of light in the world, and offer gratitude to the harvest of color in your world.

Listen to the sounds from the world around you, whatever they are.  They may be birds and squirrels, wind and trees creaking, but they may also be trains and traffic.  Take the sounds in as signs of life, all life, and offer gratitude for this harvest of sound.

As you can, take some deep breaths outside and notice the odors that touch your life on each breath. Take in those odors.  They are the smells of change in the air.  Offer gratitude for the harvest of smell that is yours today, just because you breathe.

Can you walk outside for a moment barefoot?  If so, please do.  If not, then at least try and go out and touch something that is not human-made.  Notice the texture of what you touch or walk on, its moisture, its solidity, its tenderness.  Take in all that your skin is feeling, and offer gratitude for the harvest of touch that is yours.

What an incredible world we live in!  Every single day, we can harvest such sensory abundance!  What we see, hear, smell, touch (and if you have something in your yard to taste!) are Spirit’s way of connecting with us, of celebrating Life with us, of inviting us into deep communion.

Bob Patrick

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