Round and Round

I love to move the furniture around in my house. Seriously, it’s a thing. I suddenly become bored with whatever arrangement I have and decide, no, actually that chair doesn’t look good there. Shouldn’t we buy a bookcase maybe? What was I thinking when I put that desk there? Moving furniture around is not always an easy task. I have always been a lightweight, so over the years I’ve developed all kinds of techniques to move furniture. First of all, I absolutely love any furniture with wheels. Secondly, wicker and rattan furniture weighs a lot less than wood, and finally, if you put old towels under furniture, you can slide just about anything on a hard floor, provided you empty the furniture first of any inhabitants.

My husband is amazingly patient with all the movement of furniture from one spot to another and sometimes back to the original spot. He is called to action when his muscles are required because my other techniques proved insufficient. Round and around the rooms we go with furniture moving from one spot to another. I often dream of having just the right furniture in just the right places creating a perfect mood of organized peace.This has remained a dream inspired by photos in magazines.

Truth is I find moving furniture, changing pictures on the walls, creating different decor on my mantle to be energizing. Suddenly, my home is alive with new possibilities. It no longer feels stagnant because change is in the air! My cats become energized as well. They chase each other through the house and explore each area with renewed interest. 

When I am finished, and all the furniture has reached what I know is its new temporary resting place, I sit back and admire my masterpiece. Yep, that chair really is better in the other bedroom, and moving the desk was a good idea, but I wonder, should we buy a bookcase? Now, where would that go, and what would I have to move?

~Lisa Kiel

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5 Responses to Round and Round

  1. Candice Currier says:

    We are the same! I do this a lot. Lately we acquired furniture from a family member and we have no room to move. But I’m utilizing the space new furniture to give a new look in my home.

  2. Peggy A says:

    I used to like changing my furniture around, too. It gave me a sense of newness. As I get older, I am now less likely to change things around. Maybe I am stuck in my old ways because I feel more secure and comfortable with less changes. Sure hope my curiosity and willingness to learn new things will not get stuck in my old ways, however.

  3. Rita Romero says:

    My daughter is the same way. She is always changing the furniture in her room around. Her bed has been in every spot in her room.

  4. Carol Richardson says:

    Awesome hobby, Lisa. And I could your expertise/energy later this year (or very early next year) in Virginia. You see I don’t have a dining room or a living room or a den in my new house. It is all one great room and I’ve been, in my imagination, placing furniture here and there since I first saw the house. I’m about to order furniture sliders so the hardwood floors won’t get scratched. Yes, I sure could use your expertise…..

  5. Sharon Yun says:

    I do the same. . . and I love to change my altars out, which are the surfaces of all of my furniture, with the seasons. People ask me how long I have lived in the house when they come over for the first time, and I assume that is because they can see how methodically the furniture has been placed to exactly fit each area. I will never turn down a free bookshelf. I can always find a use for more storage capacity. Sometimes I’ve moved furniture I shouldn’t have moved on my own because it feels so important to do it at the moment. I admire people who have a vision of a room. Furniture turns an empty room into a living space. Environment affects our thoughts and feelings. I have focused a lot on creating healthy environments that encourage growth and I think that’s where the moving and changing furniture comes from.

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