Renewal: Water Meditation

Just for today, let’s choose to be aware of every contact we have with water.  In any moment, when we have contact with water, let us bring our attention to it and notice how our life is connected to this important member of the elements of life.

For example, when we bathe, or wash our hands, or wash dishes:  we can notice how this water refreshes, cleans and restores.

When we cook or get a drink of water, we can ponder our water sources, perhaps even find out where our local water comes from, and notice as we eat and drink immediately refreshing water going into our bodies is.

When we water the lawn, or our houseplants, or give beloved pets a fresh bowl of water, we can notice how water allows us to participate in sustaining life around us.

When we go to the bathroom and “make water” we can notice how water allows our bodies to function in every way, and to clear out of our body materials that it does not need.

If we are caught in rain and get water on our heads, hands and bodies, we can even take a moment to notice that we are always sustained by this constant interchange of water between the sky and earth and that this ocean of water all around us is in many, many ways our sustaining Mother.  In  some ancient traditions, there is a Lady of the Lake, or a Goddess of the Well, or a River named for a Goddess.  She is the life giver, the sustainer, and the cauldron of Wisdom.  Water.  Where will we encounter it next, today? In that moment, its touch can become cause of our prayer of gratitude.

Bob Patrick

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