The Garden: Mirrors

image ©John Duktig

Earth Goddess, image ©John Duktig

Nature is often used as a metaphor for the things that go on in our human lives. Children grow and “blossom” into adulthood, explosive anger is said to “erupt like a volcano”, every individual is “as unique as a snowflake”…  But if we open our eyes to the bigger picture, we can see that nature is more than a metaphor – it is a mirror.

As I look toward the sky, I see the vast and boundless cosmos, reflecting the limitless potential of humanity.  The intricacy of the way all of the world’s systems work together to function as a vibrant whole is a reflection of the complexity of the various systems of the human body.  Our moods and personalities go through transitions, just as the seasons, the tides, and the phases of the moon.  And yes, snowflakes are unique, as are the leaves on every tree and every human being ever born.

Everything that is of the earth exists subject to the same principles.  Not only living creatures, but also soil, rocks, mountains, water, clouds… all subject to the same laws of physics.  All, in their way, with similar cycles and rhythms.  Nature does not exist to support human life; we are one with nature in this existence.  We are The Garden, and The Garden is us.  The truth of this resonates in the very air around us – the air which we all share, the air on which all living creatures depend for survival.

All of nature – including humanity – reflecting each other’s essential elements and existing together in perfect imperfection.  Interdependent and intertwined.  How can this awareness help us to more fully appreciate the connection?

~ Christiana


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