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The Garden: Mirrors

Nature is often used as a metaphor for the things that go on in our human lives. Children grow and “blossom” into adulthood, explosive anger is said to “erupt like a volcano”, every individual is “as unique as a snowflake”…  … Continue reading

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Departures: Air Practice

Breathing well, breathing clean air, is long associated with thinking clearly, perceiving well. For this meditation, consider the following questions.  Because they are open ended and may take more time to ponder, this devotional will be shorter to read!  You … Continue reading

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Sustenance: Air Meditation

The sense of smell brings worlds of meaning to us, both subtle and not so subtle.  The not so subtle aspect is just every breath.  Every breath.  Every breath that we breathe is an aspect of the sense of smell … Continue reading

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Sustenance: Take a Breath

We take our first breath the moment we are born, and not until our last breath at the moment we die do we cease to depend on the air that surrounds us.  Although most of us rarely attend conscious thought … Continue reading

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