This Is About All Of Us

As I write this, Georgians who are paying attention have just learned that the state’s legislature has voted into law a bill that prevents gender affirming care for Trans minors and their families. It also criminalizes such care for medical providers. Yesterday, in a private setting, Gov. Brian Kemp signed the bill into law. Since this is happening across the country in states where extreme-conservative politicians predominate the government, this shouldn’t be a surprise here in Georgia. Surprise is not the right word, and I’m struggling for whatever those words are.

People I love and care about are affected by this, either immediately because of their age, or because they are a part of the Trans community which is being targeted by such laws. These laws communicate that those in power don’t listen, don’t care, and are not touched by the harmful consequences of such laws. 

Why have those in power felt the need to create laws against life affirming care for an otherwise very small percentage of our population? To use the language of our concern: why have the politically powerful targeted the most vulnerable?

I can only share what comes up in my soul when I reflect on this. I believe that Queer people in general, and certainly Trans people in particular, reflect back to all of us the full beauty of what it means to be human. Queer people don’t fit into the boxes that our society has created. Queer people demonstrate a joy, an expansiveness, a courage for living and loving and a wonder that belongs to all of us but so often is shut down by the “be serious, be tough, work hard, what’s wrong with you, get in line, shut up, who do you think you are” messages of our time. 

The future of Queer people is the future of all of us. These laws are not just about Trans youth. They are about all of us and what we are willing to silence and obliterate. Word has come that the congressional body of Uganda just passed its most stringent anti-gay law to date.  With a vote of 398-2, it voted to make same sex activity of any kind punishable by life in prison.

This is not about Queer people. This is about humanity. We are all at stake, we just don’t realize it yet. 

~Bob Patrick

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2 Responses to This Is About All Of Us

  1. Candice Erin Bizzell says:

    I’m saddened by this decision to further dictate medical professionals. It makes me fearful of how much more they will start to regulate and dictate. No LGBTQIA+ or Woman will be safe with these measures.
    This is also why it’s important to get out and VOTE for new politicians, the youth need to take over the polls.

  2. Lydia Patrick says:

    This morning I listened to an NPR interview with Eureka O’hara. (RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10). She was insightful and informative and shared personal strength when she said, “Chew it up, spit it out” talking about the bill. “Queer Art is very uplifting” and this bill is an attempt to build fear. She said the argument for censoring is something parents have always been able to do and they can do that already without this kind of targeting. She was informed and powerful in her beliefs and believes in light overcoming the dark. While this hate endorsement brings out the darkness she continues to use her voice.

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