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This Is About All Of Us

As I write this, Georgians who are paying attention have just learned that the state’s legislature has voted into law a bill that prevents gender affirming care for Trans minors and their families. It also criminalizes such care for medical … Continue reading

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Love Makes a Bridge: Where is the Love? part 2

I have always been a relatively optimistic person.  I see the silver linings in situations, I see hope on even the farthest horizon, and I believe that people are inherently good, at the core.  I abhor injustice, and I break … Continue reading

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Birth: Becoming Human

The 14th century Persian poet known as Hafiz  is one of my favorite poets.  Daniel Ladinsky has made these inspiring and wisdom laden jewels available to us in translation.  In a poem he calls “Becoming Human” Hafiz recounts that a … Continue reading

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