You Are Beautiful To Me

I wrote this song sometime in 1982 shortly after Bob and I got married. Over the years the words have changed. I am not surprised as I have changed. It started out as a song of salvation just like most of the songs I wrote when I started writing music. 

My hard edges are softening and what I see now includes the pathways of those who hear and see each other differently. I have been blessed without judgment and I am grateful. And so now beauty comes to me in many different ways. 

This last update is from 2016 I believe… I am still happy with it. 

              C            Dm/D                                     C
You are beautiful to me     Peace inside is what I see

                    F                                                      Dm/D      G7
And now the world is bright as it can be   Your life is beautiful to me


      C                                            Dm
And when the world is torn apart by hatred and despair

It’s you and I can build a bridge to show folks that we care

F7                                       C
If we live in harmony though different as can be

        Dm                                       G7
That’s how it’s done,…….. how the battle’s won             Repeat Chorus Here

And though we started worlds apart we talk our battles through
Philosophy just you tween me it’s what the UUs do
Not right or left but here we stand
Committed to see through
Until we be so companion-ly                      Repeat Chorus Here


And now our covenant we find and share this space on earth
To see the promises we made and lessons learned of worth
The future rests inside of us and what we can preserve
So though we disagree… we still live in harmony…       Repeat Chorus Here

Coda: Your life is beautiful

So (Dm) beautiful

To me. (Rolling from FGAC/F …. To … CDEG/C)

~Lydia Patrick

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3 Responses to You Are Beautiful To Me

  1. Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones says:

    How beautiful, Lydia! And what a wonderful way to express what we’re striving to build with this faith and this community! Wouldn’t it be awesome if every single one of us got together to create something, using our unique skills and gifts and interests, trying to capture our mission as Unitarian Universalists and what it takes to build this kind of diverse, pluralistic community? There would be new songs and poems, skits and woodworking, sketches and scribbles, dance moves and reflections, delicious food and gorgeous yarns, and so much more. We could even choose to make something in a medium we *want* to learn rather than one where we already have the skills. We could go to a place where we’re curious and free to make a little something. Sounds like a workshop or faith development hour! Who’s in?

  2. katrina P yurko says:

    The lyrics sound as if you have just come through a rite of passage, soon after marriage, love abounds in your heart, a classic tale that still runs true even though You have changed over the years. This song is a testament to your love of humanity, an anchor And a port of call in your life journey. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Peggy A says:

    Beautiful words from a beautiful being, inside and out!

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