Culture and Tradition: Religion

Religion–a significant source of how a group passes on ethical values, behaviors and holds itself together.  We practice a religion in Unitarian-Universalism that allows us to craft our own way in the world and in many senses to craft a new culture or at least sub-culture.

Writing the daily Words of Wisdom, Christiana and I also field  the occasional comments  that come through to us.  I would say that 99% of them are positive, affirming, grateful and often share additional experiences.  So, once in a while, we get some painful push back.  That happened recently, and Christiana fielded the comment and responded.  Here is what she wrote in part  to the person who commented with some pain about one of our posts.

“Please understand that ours is a questioning faith, and as such when we reflect on where we have been, it is natural for us to examine both the positive and the negative aspects of our previous experiences with religious traditions, as well as our current interactions with people who embrace differing belief systems. But the expression of a personal viewpoint is never intended to imply superiority.

Thank you for being on this journey with us.”

Unitarian Universalism at its best uses the practice of inquiry at every level of culture: social organization, inherent rules, language, and the arts to scope out what’s helping and what’s hurting.  Our religion practices the freedom to make changes when we do so.

Does that make us counter-cultural?  Does that mean that we are always in the process of forming a new or renewing culture?

Bob Patrick

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