Discovering Renewal

Last month I had the opportunity to tour a farm. The moment we arrived I could feel the difference in the energy of the atmosphere, a shift in the air that enveloped us with the aroma of the earth. Acres upon acres of earth from which sustenance grows.

The owner of the farm, a devoutly religious man, paraphrased scripture to us, “the seed and the soil know what to do,” he stated repeatedly. Even with all the labor he puts in to bring about this seasonal miracle, he still credits “God’s creation” with the results. When his crops thrive, he seizes it as an opportunity to experience a renewal of his faith.

Like him, I was humbled by the presence of these rows and rows of fragrant leaves emerging from the ground. This miracle of spring as these fields burst forth with abundance. What stronger inspiration could there be to consider how the cyclical nature of farming – sowing, growth, harvest, fallow periods – reflects the broader spiritual journey of renewal and transformation in our lives?

On the farm I felt close to the sacred journey that connects us to the rhythms of nature and the interdependent web of life. Perhaps closer than I have felt in a very long time. I felt gratitude for the eternal process of renewal that serves to sustain us. And I realized just how essential these connections are to my own personal well-being.
In a sense, I too have experienced a renewal of my faith on the farm.

~ Christiana

Where or when do you feel most connected to this spirit of renewal?

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  1. katrina P yurko says:

    Being connected to nature on the level you experienced at the farm is a gift of nature in itself. It is humbling and it is divine. I am so glad you have the talent to delve into the mystery, to explore, and grasp such ethereal connections before writing them down for all of us!

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