Gratitude of Generosity

About a year ago I fell in love with Don Miguel Ruiz the writer of the Four Agreements. Since then I’ve read (listened) to several of his books finding an understanding and kindred knowledge in his writing. 

I try very hard to put in place practices I’ve learned from his writing, including gratitude for things received, as it’s more difficult to receive than it is to give. 

It is hard to write on generosity without also writing on gratitude; for me, they go hand in hand. Don Miguel Ruiz has a beautiful prayer in many of his books giving thanks to the generosity of the Creator of the Universe that goes like this: 

“Today, Creator of the Universe, my heart is filled with gratitude for the gift of life you have given me. Thank you for the opportunity to experience this beautiful body and this wonderful mind. Today, I want to express my gratitude for everything I have received from you. 

[…]Today, I will graciously receive your gifts by enjoying your gifts, by enjoying my life. Help me to be as generous as you are, to share what I have with generosity, just as you share your gifts so generously with me. Help me to become a master of gratitude, generosity and love so that I can enjoy all your creations. 

Today, Creator, help me to manifest my creations as you manifest the universe, to express the beauty of my spirit in the supreme art of the human: the art of dreaming my life. Today, I give you all of my gratitude and love because you have given me life. Amen”

Not only is it important for me to give freely, but to also have gratitude for the things that have been given freely to me. 

~Candice C Carver

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