Storehouse of Wonder

“Our stars twinkle and wink as if they know us…” C.T. Mukpo

My neighborhood has very few street lamps making it possible, on a clear night, for me to stand in the cul-de-sac in front of my house and see the primary constellations. On a recent evening the air was crisp and clear and the stars brighter than ever. A planet was shining brightly overhead, and I longed for a telescope. Having none, I grabbed a pair of binoculars, not hopeful they would be of any use. Standing in the street I put the lenses to my eyes and, behold!  Awe, Wonder, Amazement!

The sky became more alive than ever. I could see millions of stars that were invisible to me with the naked eye. When I stare at the night sky, I feel that odd combination of insignificance and grandeur. I feel the pull of our inextricable interconnection with all of life. I am reminded that we and all of life are made of star dust. Staring up at the stars (or are we really looking down?) makes me even more curious about what we have yet to learn … makes me wonder.

Curiosity is an inherent part of the human experience. From birth to death we remain curious about the world around us. Following threads of curiosity leads us to wondrous discoveries. The curious explorations of scientists of all kinds have opened up the world of wonder … and our curious searches continue.

There are many ways to fill up our storehouse of wonder: through nature, music, art, dance … a myriad of paths. Where does your curiosity lead you? What fills you with awe? What sources of beauty fill up your storehouse of wonder?

Perhaps this video from the Symphony of Science will increase your storehouse of wonder on this Monday morning:

We Are Stardust

Jan Taddeo


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