Love Makes a Bridge: Trust and Tension

In the hymn “Love Makes a Bridge” one of the verses says:

Love lifts the hopes that force and fear have beaten down.
Love breaks the chains and gives us strength to stand our ground.*

When I think about this verse I think about a TRUSS bridge that is built by connecting shapes like triangles with pressure points next to each other so that the pressure hits the point at its strongest peak to withstand the pressure of the force on it. These bridges are tensionstronger than the basic beam across and open space bridge. These TRUSS bridges can withstand greater pressure and weight by the way they are connected in critical points.

In my mind I see two people very different but connected in that they are willing to stand side by side with their differences knowing that they are stronger together than apart. They are braced for conflict and might not be able to even face each other because their conflict is so strong. Yet they are standing side by side firmly with legs outstretched and arms extended up high and out so that any pressures that come their way can be withheld.

This is more than  a simple high five or pat on the back or hand shake. It is  when I have a point to make and an opinion to defend and you are speaking a different language and my gender is not one you see or hear usually….That requires something stronger. It is when  I stand here close enough to hear you but still be me and you stand here close enough to see me and still be you and we connect where we can –  together we bear the weight of what will come. We are strong enough to stay connected.  I need to truss you and you need to truss me.

Lydia Patrick

*Singing the Living Tradition, p. 325

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