Belonging: Spiritual Home

I was born into a non-practicing Baptist family. We did celebrate Easter and Christmas but not much else. That was my religious upbringing. I had to go on my spiritual journey alone. 

When I was a teenager, I was an atheist. I couldn’t believe in any God with all the suffering in this world. But, Jesus kept knocking on my door. I then started down my path towards Christianity. My uncle was Rev. Ruben Quiros and he was Pentecostal. I tried this denomination and it was not for me. 

I then started going to a nondenominational mega church. I felt like I belonged there for a moment but it was leading me in a way that was not good. It is a church that has become right wing, not for me. 

I married a Tanzanian man of Islam. I converted to Islam. I was a Muslim woman. I wore my hijab. I prayed five times a day. I fasted for Ramadan. I read the Quran. I believed that I had found where I belonged. I felt beautiful and closer to God. My marriage ended but I was still a practicing Muslim. Then, 2016 came along and I was in a situation where I feared for my life. I decided to leave Islam for the safety of my family and myself. 

I became interested in UUCG from a Facebook ad. That first Sunday service, I knew that I belonged. I have found friends. I have found those with similar beliefs and I love it. We have a wonderful congregation. 

I don’t know if this is my last path to walk. But for now I’m home. I have to say that I sometimes miss Islam. I miss my hijab. My cross still sits on my mantle.

~Rita Romero

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5 Responses to Belonging: Spiritual Home

  1. Lorena says:

    Maybe we all belong with the people who don’t belong.

    So glad you feel at home here.

  2. Barbara Stahnke says:

    Glad you are on the path searching for truth with us. In times of deep sorrow, I still reach for my Rosary from my Catholic upbringing. I no longer pray the prayers of Catholicism, i do find it helps me connect to the God of my understanding.

  3. Peggy A says:

    Rita, so glad you made your way to the UUCG community. Your path has been a very interesting one, and like that you still hold onto the parts of other faiths that bring you comfort.

  4. Katrina says:

    Was it Rumi that said” We are all just walking each other Home” ?
    I think it is beautiful, the perception that we are in this world together walking paths of various beliefs yet still focused on seeking truth together. I don’t have the experience with the Quran or other leading scriptures that broaden our path and I have a narrow scope of the interplay between beliefs. That said, I really do appreciate knowing diverse followers in our community. So, Thank you Rita… Just can’t picture you in a hijab!

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