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The Weave of Resistance and Its Release

Resistance has many connotations, but is neither good nor bad. Electricity needs resistance to create heat and do other useful things for us. Unrestricted or too much flow of electricity can do us serious harm if our bodies are what … Continue reading

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It’s Good to Resist Perfection

A Catholic priest, working in the addiction field, said during a workshop “the good is the enemy of the perfect.” Many of us were  brought up with this same belief to constantly seek moral and behavioral perfection, and to be … Continue reading

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Patterns and Chaos

There are patterns in chaos. These patterns are fractals, which repeat endlessly like the roots and branches of trees, blood vessels, branching rivers, lightning, seashells, hurricanes, and galaxies!  Most of us,  through the random events of our lives, perceive emotional … Continue reading

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