The Weave of Resistance and Its Release

Resistance has many connotations, but is neither good nor bad. Electricity needs resistance to create heat and do other useful things for us. Unrestricted or too much flow of electricity can do us serious harm if our bodies are what becomes the resistance as in electrocution! Restricted flows of water let us water our gardens, but too much water can drown us and our gardens! Degrees of mechanical friction can keep objects like furniture or other items in place, but too much friction prevents us from being able to move them. Car brakes need friction to work, but if they lock up they can cause an accident! Our bodies need to be able to resist toxins, harmful bacteria and viruses, disease, and allow themselves to heal! However, our bodies’ defenses gone awry can stop and harm the necessary and helpful bacteria, or can cause cancer! 

These metaphors can help us understand our emotional and mental realities. Psychologically, resilience is partly resistance to emotionally destructive patterns and situations that we have a choice in. However, we can also resist making healthier choices in who we surround ourselves with, and/or developing new coping skills, and patterns to protect our heart and core values! This is readily apparent in therapy, counseling, and various recovery programs. 

For me, this is also true spiritually! I need to resist oppression, hatred, meaninglessness, and harm to the web of life! If I cut myself off from these felt values, I restrict the lifeforce and appreciation for it that brings joy, pleasure, and ecstasy! I want to open myself to beauty, compassion, thankfulness, and connection to all that is! I need both resistance and the ability to drop it for my life to be whole! 

~Daniel Bailey

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  1. Carol Richardson says:

    Thank you, Daniel❤️

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