Filled with Loving Kindness: The Absurdity of Today

(The fires, while very real and truly devastating, are herein used as a metaphor for my feelings about the results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.  Also very real and – from my perspective – truly devastating.) 


Wildfires are burning in North Georgia.

Unlike many situations that I perceive as tragic, there is nothing any one or many of us could have done to change this.  Lightning struck a tree, and it began to burn.  Although there have been reports that the fire may have been started with an act of arson.  People, making a conscious careless choice, which is destroying our beautiful wilderness.  Tragic.

It was, of course, not as immense when it began as it has become.  The fire spread, as wildfires are known to do, burning out of control, beyond the abilities of those who would attempt to quell it.

And so, we wait for the rain.

I do not live in North Georgia, but the atmospheric evidence of the fire has been carried by the wind to my area, and as I exit my front door this morning, the smoke burns my lungs and lingers in my nostrils.  The fire is not burning on my front lawn, yet the air all around me is permeated with its stench.

The sun will rise this morning; but the air will be gray and smell foul, and visibility – clarity – will be hampered.

And there is nothing I can do, but Love the absurdity of today.

When fire burns, things die.

When things die, we grieve, and in our grief we come together searching for a way to make sense of loss. Though we may not feel the loss equally profoundly, our humanity compels us to reach out to one another with loving kindness, and without judgment.  I am here to hold you in the warmth of compassion. My heart is open, even as it is enveloped in grief, even as the fire burns.

Love does not turn its back on grief.  Love approaches grief in the darkness, allows it to cry its soul-wrenching tears, holds its hand and says, “I will be here beside you until you are ready to return to the light.”

Wildfires are burning, and yet the sun will rise this morning.

Today, life is beautiful, even as the smoke billows forth and the fire continues to burn.  Will you sit with me in the light of loving kindness as we live in the absurdity of today?

~ Christiana 

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5 Responses to Filled with Loving Kindness: The Absurdity of Today

  1. Barbara says:

    Blessed be.

  2. Bob Patrick says:

    Christiana. Yes. This is it. This is where we are. And the sun does rise today. I receive your invitation. I welcome loving kindness. Thank you.

  3. Daniel says:

    I will open to loving kindness wherever I am able to today.

  4. Nancy Jaffee says:

    As the sick, evil grew out of control and burned bridges of bonds and love and truth, I fought, then helplessly waited and watched.
    Now, I grieve.
    This will be constant and the pain is immense.
    Their is still a sense of disbelief and not being able to move. Paralyzed with pain.
    A woman, ministered to me with her presence. Willing to share her strength with me yet
    Vulnerable enough to share her tears. Others also feel a loss and miss this much loved
    Spirit.I shall carry her in my heart for the rest of my days and not give up hope for the sunshine to come out again. Xo

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