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Blessings: and Nationalism

In recent years, every year on the 4th of July, I watch A Capitol Fourth from the sofa in my living room.  It is the annual public, televised celebration of Independence Day held in Washington, D.C..  I enjoy the heartfelt … Continue reading

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June 9–Listening: Advice from the Society of Friends

One of the oldest practices in listening as spiritual practice resides in the Quaker or Society of Friends tradition.  With regards to how they conduct their daily relationships, Quakers advocate: Listening for the truth in the words of others. As … Continue reading

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March 21–Awe and Wonder: Human Capcities

These days I know that I am not alone in almost daily horror at the anger, violence and outright hatred that certain politicians are stirring up within pockets of American life.  I hear myself and others wondering out loud:  have … Continue reading

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February 14-Science and Reason: Evolution of Love

When I was a teenager I wrote a lot of poems, mostly about love. It is interesting to look back on those poems now and witness the roller coaster of emotions I felt at that time in my life. On … Continue reading

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The Muses: What I am living for–Part 2

(We are sharing, over three days, the homily given by Karen Smith in the January 10 service at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Gwinnett.  In the first part, Karen set us up to ponder how it is we share with … Continue reading

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December 28–The Sacred: Trust

We have said, in this space, that “the sacred” is in so many words something we place high value on, something that is precious.  We have also examined it as not something other and separate from the ordinary but actually … Continue reading

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The Sacred: The Separate or the One?

Whatever “sacred” means to you, is it something totally separate from ordinary things or is it inside of and part of all things?  Is it special and extraordinary, or is it common and ordinary?  Is the sacred natural or supernatural? … Continue reading

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