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The Muses: What I am living for–Part 2

(We are sharing, over three days, the homily given by Karen Smith in the January 10 service at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Gwinnett.  In the first part, Karen set us up to ponder how it is we share with … Continue reading

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Foundations: Duty

This year with my senior Latin students, we are studying, reading and discussing in Latin the tradition of Roman virtues.  Chief among them is the virtue of pietas.  The idea of this virtue is that of “duty,” and while in English … Continue reading

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The Kitchen: Utensils and Principles

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?  Maybe it’s a blender or a cast iron skillet.  Perhaps you love Tupperware or Mason Jar containers.  Maybe you have a modern juicer or vegetable slicer or an antique meat grinder that you would … Continue reading

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