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Sustenance: Releasing Guilt

You made a mistake.  You hurt someone, or someone’s feelings.  You didn’t complete a task, you dropped a ball, someone was depending on you and you let them down. What have you done??? “There is no problem so awful that … Continue reading

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Sustenance: Take a Breath

We take our first breath the moment we are born, and not until our last breath at the moment we die do we cease to depend on the air that surrounds us.  Although most of us rarely attend conscious thought … Continue reading

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Flight: Memorial Day

The largest event of the year in my small-town community is the Memorial Day parade.  I attend annually with my children, and annually I endeavor to refrain from crying uncontrollably when the banner that lists the names of the fallen … Continue reading

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Ecology: Stewards of Life

Similar to arguments against evolution, the Bible is often cited as evidence behind the attitude that man is the “ecological dominant” over all other species of beings on the planet. Genesis 1:26 has been used to justify all manner of … Continue reading

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Birth: Making Choices, Being in Control

There is only one thing we can control in life — our own self. We can control our thoughts, our emotions, our responses. We can observe behaviors and reactions and realize we made a choice. Therefore, we could choose a … Continue reading

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