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The Secret to Freedom

“The secret to freedom is courage.” ~ Thucydides Last month when “belonging” was the topic, I began thinking about how we find courage to choose where to belong and with whom to belong.  When I finished writing, the monthly topic … Continue reading

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All Is Welcome Here: Yearning to Belong

In psychological terms, thanks to Carl Jung and others, we sometimes speak of introverts and extroverts. I understand extroverts to be those who are energized by being around large groups of people and introverts those who are energized by being … Continue reading

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All Is Welcome Here: Grammar and Chanting

Don’t worry. I am not about to suggest that anyone begin chanting grammar! Our song of the month is the only one in this 12 month series that does not appear in our Unitarian Universalist hymnals.  It originates within the … Continue reading

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Ecology: Belonging

Belonging — Alla Renée Bozarth The small plot of ground on which you were born cannot be expected to stay forever the same. Earth changes, and home becomes different places. You took flesh from clay but the clay did not come … Continue reading

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Advent (Peace): Peace Be With You

A few years ago I participated in a class on Emotional Literacy where we learned about six core human emotions: mad, sad, glad, scared, powerful, and peaceful. The first four are pretty easy to understand. New to me were powerfulness … Continue reading

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