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Justice and Mercy

In front of the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama there is a statue of Justice and Mercy. Justice is blindfolded and the scales she holds are perfectly balanced. The angel, Mercy, is whispering in Justice’s … Continue reading

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The Playground – Win, Lose, or Draw: Losing

I played basketball when I was younger, from about the first grade (when I was young enough to bug my parents until they gave in) to the fifth grade (when my interests changed).  It can (and probably should) go without … Continue reading

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The Labyrinth: Fair vs. Just

Sarah: That’s not fair! Jareth: You say that so often, I wonder what your basis for comparison is? ~ lines from Jim Henson’s film, Labyrinth, 1986 The majority – if not all – of people reading this, through sheer luck, … Continue reading

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Journeys: Transformative Journeys

Barbados, like all Caribbean destinations, is extraordinarily naturally beautiful.  The landscape, the beaches, the sea – all breathtaking.  Twenty-one years ago I had occasion to travel there for a professional assignment, and, although I didn’t realize it at the time, … Continue reading

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Wings: To Live in Peace

I spent a summer in Egypt my senior year of college.  The things I learned have become key to my understanding of Egypt and the Middle East. Egypt has a complicated Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Egyptian identity and is filled with … Continue reading

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Wings: Getting There

Are we there yet?  The age-old cry from children in the back of the car, impatient to reach the intended destination.  Weary, cranky, eager to get this part of the trip over with so that they can get to the … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis: Transforming Community

During a workshop at a recent gathering of Unitarian Universalists, those present were asked to articulate their dream for the world.  I summed up my dream in two words: Radical Relatedness. I dream of a world in which people are radically related … Continue reading

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