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April 3-Nature: Collaborative or Competitive?

I expect that when most people hear the word “nature” their minds go to the outdoors – those places that are “outside.” Some might think of the natural world – the whole of life. But my mind also thinks about human … Continue reading

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Culture & Tradition: Social Units (Family)

We are exploring the seven different elements that make up what we call “culture.” Growing up, my family didn’t form its identity around a particular culture.  My father’s heritage is Puerto Rican, but he was born in New York City.  … Continue reading

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Culture & Tradition: Guiding Light

Culture and tradition form a large piece of the puzzle-like solution to the questions “Where do we come from?” and “What are we?” and in turn give us a sense of the possibilities in the answer to the question “Where … Continue reading

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Ecology: Earthrise

It was Christmas Eve, 1968, when the above photo, “Earthrise,” was taken by the crew of Apollo 8. The image caught astronaut Frank Borman by surprise. They were taking photographs of the moon when he happened to turn and look … Continue reading

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Advent (Love): Room For Everyone

Oh, oh come in, Bring your friends, Bring your neighbors, Bring your whole family. Oh, come on in, There is room in the stable For everyone. When people ask me what Unitarian-Universalism is, I manage to include:  there’s room for … Continue reading

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Harvest: Of Culture

Recently, in the metro Atlanta school in which I teach, we had a “heritage clothing” day as a part of homecoming week. Students were invited to wear clothing that identified heritage for them.  Students showed up with an incredible feast … Continue reading

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