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Science and Reason: Changing Stories

If we have within us a biological need to internalize a rather permanent story of what the world is about, then not having a story, or being confronted with the changing story of science, could trigger a personal crisis. What … Continue reading

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Culture & Tradition: Guiding Light

Culture and tradition form a large piece of the puzzle-like solution to the questions “Where do we come from?” and “What are we?” and in turn give us a sense of the possibilities in the answer to the question “Where … Continue reading

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Journeys: Thirsty

Life on earth began in water, and all life on earth depends on water.  Our emergence from and reliance on water is one of the most tangible and deepest connections between all manner of life – from humans to puppies … Continue reading

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Departures: Knowing Better

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” ~ Maya Angelou Being aware is hard work.  As I have learned and grown, I have found myself in the often onerous position … Continue reading

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Sustenance: “What’ll ya have?”

Before Georgia Tech football games, The Varsity in Atlanta was always (and probably still is) packed with hungry folks eager to sample the chili dogs, slaw dogs, red dogs, yellow dogs, steaks, chili steaks, rings, fries, PC’s, FO’s and other … Continue reading

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Sustenance: Community of Giving

There is a chalice lighting poem often used in Religious Education classes for young children.  When I taught RE at the Pre-K level, we recited this at the opening of each session.  (There are hand gestures that go with it … Continue reading

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Sowing: Seeds of Faith

Last night was the UUCG annual fundraising event.  Traditionally, this event has been an auction, but this year we tried something different.  This year we had what was more of an “auction-themed party”.  Guests would offer their donation at the … Continue reading

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