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June 10 – Listening for Joy

The story in our Sunday service today was derived from a Tibetan tale* of an old monk whose heart had become hardened by all the suffering in the world. He lived in a cold, dark, desolate cave at the top of … Continue reading

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March 20-Awe & Wonder: Namaste

Throughout this month I have been paying close attention to the world around me. Noticing small changes, and large changes…  in the trees, bushes, grass, flowers, wildlife. I am in awe of Spring as this area of our Earth awakens … Continue reading

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Flight: Illusion of Separateness

On any given day, I do not spend much time on philosophy. Don’t get me wrong, philosophy is a fine and noble subject, and someone needs to study it… just not me. I do get an occasional deep thought when … Continue reading

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Storehouse: Of Compassion

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”  – Dalai Lama Happiness.  This is considered by many to be the meaning of life – reaching happiness.  So we see truth in … Continue reading

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Harvest: Of Intolerance

It is our tendency in the West to try and ignore, deny, and eradicate suffering.  Various forms of intolerance keep appearing in our communities as their own specialized forms of suffering that arise out of suffering.  If I grow up … Continue reading

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Renewal: Together With Others

Jeff Wilson (Buddhism of the Heart) writes: “We don’t just seek our own salvation–we are only fully happy when we can be born together with all others.  No one is left behind by Amida (a name for the Buddha in his … Continue reading

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Renewal: If I succeed in loving you . . .

Buddhist teachings say that there is no separate self, and I find that difficult to embrace all the time.  I think most Westerners do.  I don’t know that it matters whether it always makes sense to me as much as … Continue reading

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